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Remember the poster I gave you at the end of HYP 202?

It was a poem found in Henry Ford's desk drawer, penned in his wife's handwriting, that went like this:

Bite off more than you can chew and chew it.

Dare to take on more than can do and do it.

Hitch your wagon to the stars,

Keep your seat,

And there you are!

Well, it is what kept me going when I put all the hypnosis class material in book form now available on Amazon.


Considering my computer skills, I took on more than I could chew – that is for sure! Without the incredible help I got from four people, I am sure I would not even look at such a mammoth project.


It all started with Boomer who, while in training, one day showed up in class with the incredible, beautiful Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, Canada Coat of Arms. With enthusiasm, he then proceeded to put all the HYP 101 Hypnotism, an Introduction class material in book form.


Colin then made it compatible to be printed by Amazon.

Marietta, who was at the time basking in the sun on a beach somewhere during a bitter winter here in Alberta, Canada designed the HYP 101 book cover on her very smart Laptop. Thankfully, she had taken it along, for “Just in case.” Following this, she designed the Kimberlite Publishing House logo.


After publishing HYP 101 on Amazon, it took Colin three years to persuade me to do the same with each of the next class materials for the rest of the courses.


Because of the way the course material could now be presented in class, the quality of the in class discussions was incredible!


As usual, I needed to see the end result in my mind.


And then, various events happened – including the Covid-19 virus. It was the right time to give the school a rejuvenated two shots, just like me getting vaccinated with two jabs in the arm for total protection.


Pat, my Webmaster went along and rejuvenated my websites, as well as being excellent at ‘cleaning’ pictures – these pictures became a highlight of the front covers of the six Class Companions.


Colin, having already published six books on Amazon, was doing the book layouts, as well as having suggested what to put on the front and the back of the book covers.


Having gone to her office to choose the colours, Marietta created and designed the templates as well as the striking book covers to project what I wanted to convey.


Colin had an incredible patience with me – coming to the office, correcting my work as I was watching him. I watched to learn to outsmart that electronic machine who, in my view, is as temperamental as women.


A soon as you figure out how to handle the computer, an UPDATE appears – and you have to figure it all out again! Right?


Typing this class material often got me in a pleasant hypnotic trance, and as I am reading what I typed, the spellcheck was in a hypnotic trance too!


In addition to have come to the office from 8 am to 11 pm well over 20 times, I was also calling Colin on the telephone many times, asking how to get out of a situation that, according to the computer, I got myself into.


It got taxing for him, and Colin gave me a hypnosis session as a HYP 202 class demonstration – fixing my computer “thing.”


And it worked well – much to his surprise and delight. Result: The six HTI Class Companions published on Amazon in seven months.


Yes, this was really teamwork.  As the present saying goes: “We are all in this together” … that we like it or not.


From the bottom of my heart – I thank each and every one of them to have helped me.


Anny Slegten

The Writings of
Anny Slegten

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Boomer Stralak.jpg

Boomer Stralak

Boomer has an amazing creative mind, and is a master of so many trades. He is immeasurably kind and genuine, and has an absolutely incredible sense of humor. 

Colin Christopher.jpg

Colin Christopher

Colin is a keynote speaker, presents clean and funny corporate stage hypnosis comedy shows. He also teaches online marketing and sales courses, as well as stage hypnosis in person.

Pat Perka.jpg

Pat Perka

Pat is a creative and very efficient Graphic Designer and Web Developer, and Multimedia Project Manager. He is also an avid golfer.

Marietta Miller.jpg

Marietta Miller

Marietta is an expert on Logo & Brand Development, Print & Marketing materials, Advertising and Direct Mail Campaigns.


Anny Jeep 2.jpg
Anny Jeep 1.jpg

My next project is completing Reiki Pure and Simple - Volume IV: The Reiki Master/Teacher.

This is the 1977 Willis Jeep I am writing about in my book "And Then I Got a Blue Carpet - How to Get Things Fast".

Her engine was purring with pleasure when taking her out for a ride on my 85th birthday. It was a beautiful day, no tarp needed.  There were no safety belts when we bought the Jeep brand new, only a "chicken bar" on the dashboard for the passenger to hold on to for safety.

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