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You will have a choice of: 

(information obtained only by Surrogate sessions may include ​various situations during pregnancy​, suicidal tendencies or having committed suicide, or the whereabouts of an individual)

Need help?

Regardless of the issue that will bring you here, the resulting relief, understanding and sometimes healing derived from your personal session allows for clarity of thought and peace of mind.

Anny’s commitment to life long learning and the ability to share her growth experiences with others has earned her the reputation as one of the most respected and admired teachers and therapists in Canada and abroad.
Anny is fluently bilingual in French & English, and offers professional counseling specializing in one on one hypnosis and distant healing.
Distant healing, called Surrogate Session, is investigations for situations and events needing investigation and comprehension (ie- animal behaviour, business problems, land and building problems) as well as healing when appropriated for individuals, families, children, and couples, in either of those languages.
If you are not able to attend a private session in the Edmonton area, please see information and pricing for Surrogate Consultations.  
Anny’s sessions are discrete, supportive, insightful, private and confidential. When it has been long enough and it is time to do something about it, call Anny today and make your appointment. No referral is needed.
Always seek advice from your personal physician, or equivalent health adviser for any symptoms of disease, disease prevention information, other health advice, or directive of a similar nature.

Private Consultations

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Private One-on-One Consultations

  • usually done with the client sitting in a recliner

  • during the session, the client becomes super-conscious and may consciously access information at a subconscious level

  • by courtesy, the client receives a copy of the recorded consultation

Private One-on-One Consultations

  • recorded by the client, the client is sitting in a chair across from Anny's desk, eyes open

Private One-on-One Children Consultations

  • during the recorded consultation, the child is sitting in a recliner, eyes open


Please note


The fee for the above services is identical and may be given during a telephone conversation while making an appointment. To know the fee, and/or wanting to make an appointment, remember to include a telephone number you can be reached when sending an e-mail at   


Many clients also send an e-mail to Anny, requesting an appointment, as well as explaining the reason they decided to have a session.

payment by creditcard HTI.png

If you wish to register with a CREDIT CARD payment, please call Anny at 780.448.0817  (or Toll-free 1-800.330.5999) to provide your credit card details over the phone. 

​Credit card payments can also be made in person - please call one of the above telephone numbers to make an appointment.

payment by etransfer HTI.png

For INTERAC E-TRANSFER payment, please submit the appropriate fee to the following email address:

(this account is set up with Automatic Deposit so no security question is required. The charge will appear as MAURANN HOLDINGS LTD on your bank statement) IMPORTANT: within the Interac message, please specify which service you are requesting for, and include your telephone number. 

payment by cash HTI.png

If you wish to register with a CASH payment, please call Anny at 780.448.0817  (or Toll-free 1-800.330.5999) to make an appointment to drop off your payment in person.

Did you know?
Hypnotherapy sessions are also very effective for pre-surgery.

* Please note: no medical referral is needed. You must provide proof you have consulted a physician prior to asking for this type of service.

How can one-on-one private Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Energy sessions help?

There are as many reasons people choose Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy as there are people.  Everyone’s reasons are different. 
​Some of the many private sessions and programs requested are:

  • Addictions of any kind, including:
    - cell phones
    - computer games
    - computer film / pornography
    - drinking (pop, energy drinks, coffee, alcohol)
    - prescribed medication
    - smoking
    - social media of any kind

    - street drugs
    - needing a rush of adrenaline

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Assertiveness

  • Asthma

  • Attention Deficit

  • Attitudes

  • Anxiety attacks

  • Allergies

  • Alzheimer ‘s disease

  • Anger

  • Autism

  • Behaviour modification

  • Breast Enlargement

  • Breast Reduction

  • Chronic Pain

  • Cheating

  • Co-dependency

  • Communication skills

  • Cross-Cultural Issues

  • Childbirth: natural, safe, healthy & fulfilling

  • Fertility (men and women)

  • Childhood and Adolescent Issues

  • Dream understanding

  • Dementia

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders
    - Anorexia
    - Bulimia
    - Binging

  • Exams

  • Focus

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Feeling Insecure 

  • Feeling Watched

  • Gambling 

  • Hearing Voices

  • Hallucination

  • Headaches

  • Hair picking or pulling 

  • Inner Child, Birth and Beyond 

  • Inner-Conflict 

  • Jealousy 

  • Living and Coping Skills 

  • Loss, grieving, bereavement

  • Lying

  • Marriage/Relationships 

  • Memory 

  • Money issues

  • Pain control

  • Motivation

  • Nail biting

  • Night terrors

  • Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviour

  • Pain Control

  • Past Life Regression 

  • Past, Present and Future Issues 

  • Physical and Emotional Traumas 

  • Parkinson‘s disease

  • Pregnancy Issues
    - abortion

    - miscarriage
    - giving baby up for adoption
    - fertility issues
    - still birth
    - crib death

  • Post Partum Depression

  • Public speaking

  • Rape recovery

  • Self confidence

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Stealing

  • Sleep disorders

  • Snoring bed partner

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Smoking – any kind

  • Stress Management 

  • Study and Concentration 

  • Substance Abuse

  • Weight Control 

  • Weight Gain / Weight Loss

We also offer:

  • Identifying and removing mental blocks, creating a constant fight within oneself

  • Removing intrusive energies from people, houses, buildings & land, including curses, exorcism, and spirit releasement, with a therapeutic approach to paranormal situations

If you want to take control of your life, give Anny a call to request her assistance.
Remember... this is teamwork!  Anny will ask you to help her help you attain what you want.
Phone 780.448.0817, or Toll-Free 1.800.330.5999

private consultations

Payment methods accepted are Credit Card, Interac e-transfer, or Cash (the currency).

Surrogate Consultations

Need help?  When it has been long enough and it is time to do something about it, call Anny today at ​780.448.0817, or Toll-Free 1.800.330.5999.

​Being fluently bilingual in French and English, all the services offered by Anny can be done in either English or “en Français”.

Please note: During a surrogate consultation, the information from the subject Anny is working with is always clearly understood, regardless of how the subject contacted is expressing itself.

IMPORTANT:  Anny Slegten is not a physician.  All information is coming from a non-physical source. Statements and claims made here on this website are based upon the author’s own experiences with the intention of helping people improve their lives.  Always seek advice from your personal physician, or equivalent health adviser, for any symptoms of disease, disease prevention information, or other health advice, or directive of a similar nature.  ​By continuing through this website, you are agreeing to the terms of use and limited liability of Success-and

Consultation at a Distance, or 'Surrogate Consultation'  (Trance psychic ethical hypnotherapy at a distance)

A Healing at a Distance modality developed and updated by Anny Slegten since 1987.
Regardless of the way the subject Anny is contacting expresses themselves, the information comes through crystal clear; Because in this modality, and only in this modality, Anny is in a deep trance herself.

Entering a specialised altered state of awareness, Anny connects with and enters the Energy Field of who or what she was requested to connect with. This can include:

  • a person, dead or alive at any stage of life

  • animals

  • buildings

  • vegetation

  • wildlife

  • waterfowls

  • birds

  • anything existing in the Universe, regardless of where it is located and what it consists of

Almost any subject can be investigated and also healed, when it is appropriate to do so. Contacting the Spirit of the subject to be questioned, the following information can only be done by Surrogate sessions:


  • Various situations during pregnancy, such as:

    • an embryo who died while in the womb - the surviving one many times is asking for "the other one"

    • miscarriage

    • abortion

    • early birth

    • overdue birth

    • still birth

    • crib death

    • morning sickness

    • difficult or uncomfortable pregnancy

    • the reason they chose the mother

There are many other situations not listed here. Clients have reported closure of the situation and peace of mind.

  • Suicide tendency or having committed suicide

    • having listened to the recording of the session reporting the contact of the individual alive or having committed suicide, clients expressed an undescribed closure and experienced peace of mind

  • The whereabouts of an individual that is still alive, or in some cases deceased, by the time the individual is contacted.

Flat fee for Surrogate Consultations:  $999.00


This includes: 
  - the services of Anny Slegten who will be the Surrogate
  - arrangement and obtaining the paid service of a Facilitator, a Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in this modality
  - compensate the Facilitator for travel time to the location where the session will be held
  - time to set up the session (photo, set up the recording equipment, and psychically preparing for the session)
  - the virtual deep trance surrogate session
  - the recording of the session
  - labelling and preparing the recording for mailing
  - postage fees and travel to a post office

  - all taxes

Anny, as the surrogate, together with a trained, certified facilitator who monitors and insures the session’s integrity, works at subconscious level.  Going psychically into the matter of things requires some precautions as the surrogate enters the problem, be it physical, mental, emotional, energy or psychic. This type of work bypasses the critical mind and accesses the subconscious where the work can be done.

From start to the end, each Surrogate Consultation may take a total of up to 4 hours.

These services may be requested for another or for yourself, a creature, land, building or house.

Requests are made for various reasons, including connecting with a deceased person, resolving and putting closure on unfinished business.

Consistent with all the services and teaching provided by Anny Slegten, this type a therapy is not intended to diagnose or replace conventional care. In remote or surrogate sessions the information is obtained by connecting in a non-physical manner.

surrogate consultation


At 16, a daughter dropped out of school, got pregnant and decided to live with the father of her child. She completely distanced herself from her entire family, who disapproved of her choice in partner. After the session requested by her parents, she resumed a connection with her parents and family, and visited them with her baby. However, she refused to move back with her parents.

A fetus at 28 weeks gestation was dying, rejecting her mother’s blood. There was a major issue between the mother, and the daughter in her womb, who had an entity attached to her. After their dispute (residue from a prior life) was resolved, everything turned out fine and a healthy little girl was born 10 weeks later. Was the issue true, or was it a metaphor? A child was born, healthy and happy. She bonded instantly with her mother who was completely at ease with her. An issue was resolved, and that is what matters.

A client called, very conscious of suddenly repelling her husband, for no reason.  The husband could not understand her attitude: from being very much in love to a sudden rejection. The surrogate session revealed an entity disturbing their loving relationship.  As Anny firmly discarded the entity, her client knew the situation had being resolved.  At the same time, her husband, checking his watch while at work, explained that an incredible stress was released: he knew everything between them would be as it was.  And so it was.

A ‘leaky” bladder.  For her safety, the medical doctor refused to operate on the client once more. The issue was residual from a past life. It took 10 days for the physical body to repair itself.

A girl weighing 236 lbs at age 15.  The issue was a comment made as she was being born.

A severe injury from a car accident.  The purpose of the session was to allow the patient to feel comfortable in the body before, during and after surgery,
and to ensure a rapid and comfortable physical and emotional recovery.

A young lady was not responding to treatment for a diagnosed mental illness.  During the surrogate consultation, Anny discovered the young lady had been cursed by Voodoo. It took several distant consultations for Anny to discover the reason the spell was performed, on whose behalf,
and further to obtain the antidote to clear the young lady’s mind.

An avid horse rider was experiencing some unusual  feelings when riding on a field. Although they seemed to be alone, strange things would happen and her horse was becoming very nervous every time they would ride there. The session revealed there had been a fierce battle there some time ago and the ghosts of the  warriors were still there, protecting their territory.

A champion show dog was showing great anxiety to the point of getting sick. The session revealed emotional abuse from the man of the house, who had become jealous of the time, care, and attention his wife was giving to the very affectionate dog.  This information helped the lady of the house to handle the situation.

Recurring accidents in a newly developed resort. Entities felt their land had been violated and were creating accidents to get everybody to vacate the property. Upon bargaining with the Entities, they agree to be at peace on the condition that a shrine be built in their honour at the entrance of the resort.

A house that would not sell. Wanting to psychically enter the property, Anny felt a strong barrier preventing her entry to the yard, let alone the house.
There was a net four meters high all around the property line. Anny was unaware that having been robbed years before, the lady owner had created a shield to prevent intruders from come into the property. The shield was strong and performed well. Anny had to roll it up on the roadside to allow strangers to come into the house.

A house that kept being sold because no one felt comfortable there. A beautiful young lady was very attached to a unique and peaceful house where she had lived for a few years. After death, she still lingered  there in ghost form. Her strong presence was felt throughout the property, making everyone feel uneasy, as though they were intruding on something. On return from vacation, the present owners could tell that the session had been done, and felt peaceful and at ease.

An investor could not secure a lease on one of his store for rent. Unbeknownst to the owner of the building, fraudulent activities had been performed there by a former occupant and the energy of ​the participants was still there, repelling honest individuals.  A secure, long term lease was obtained shortly after the clearing had been done.

Anny had several requests from people feeling guilty when a person died, or a person committed suicide. A surrogate consultation reveals the reason the person died despite the help to get well or committed suicide, resolving an unfinished business for both the surviving person(s) and the person who passed away.

case studies
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