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Why Do I Do What I Do?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I am many times asked the reason I am still practicing hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

My answer is simple: I am in full time practice since 1984. It is my passion!

I am learning something new every day. It could be a way of leading a client in a past life, helping them resolve a very private situation they put themselves in, and anything in between. Whatever the reason, the result is wanting peace of mind.

Lately, deceased people I contact during virtual (distance) sessions taught me the complete cycle of life. This was quite an eye opener, and will be the subject of my next book still in process of being written: 'Exploring Purgatory, the Land where Ghosts are Roaming', better known as The Planning stage.

Life evolves, and so is the way we think and function in life. Students as well as private, present and distance clients, are very precious to me.

Coming from all walks of life, different countries, different backgrounds and life experiences, they keep me in touch with the present reality of present or after life, allowing me to always be up-to-date in my teaching and my writing, as well as helping my clients when practicing hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Energy work such as Reiki, and more.


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