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Conscious Hypnosis, Spiritual Hypnosis

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

There is a lot of talk now about Conscious Hypnosis and Spiritual Hypnosis.

What is the difference? None, according to me. It is simple, gentle, comforting and blends naturally.

Let us start with Conscious Hypnosis

While in a hypnotic trance, in their mind going from effect, a symptom back to the cause, a person becomes super conscious and in their mind find themselves both “there”, at the cause of the predicament as well as in the now, the result of it all. As I explain it to my client, it is like being entranced by what you are watching on television. You are “there” as you also know where you are as you are watching the screen.

Being Super Conscious, you are conscious at being in both places. Never thought about it that way?

How about Spiritual Hypnosis?

Being spiritual has nothing to do with religion, or lack of it. The spirit within us is an inherent part of our physical life. It confirms our physical magic brain is connected to our present body, as the mind, the non-physical part of us is connected to our soul.

When in a hypnotic trance, and so directed, our mind, that non-physical part of us, enters the spirit world when connecting with the past. Our memories reside in our soul, the reason we can access anything we experienced, from a few days ago to past lives. This also explains the reason we can access information regardless of the state of the brain.

And what about a Distant Hypnosis session?

When we enter the very special quality of hypnosis, and then access an information we want to connect with, with our mind, we connect with the Universal Life Force. When doing distant hypnotherapy sessions called Virtual Sessions, we enter the Universal Life Force of whoever or whatever we are asked to either heal, investigate, or both. And this is regardless of where the subject is in the entire Universe.

That Life Force is in everything that exists. To me, being the Surrogate or the Facilitator during a Virtual Hypnotherapy session is a very humbling experience. When being a surrogate and entering the Universal Life Force, everything appears right in front of me regardless of where the subject I am asked to connect with resides in the entire Universe.

Therefore, what is Conscious Hypnosis, Spiritual Hypnosis?

It makes us realize the incredible Intelligence that governs the entire Universe. It is acknowledging that there is much more that what an eye can see.

We enter that Life Force when we go into a very special quality of relaxation called hypnosis. It is like detoxing the mind in a gentle way, although not many people realize this as they benefit the result of it all.

In the privacy of your own mind, simply cherish the connection with the Universal Life Force that resides within you. Everything that exists is part of the Universal Life Force, and the Universal Life Force, whoever or whatever you perceived it to be, is part of everything that exists.

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